Summer flutes and whistles at Hailes Castle

Last Sunday saw the summer excursion of the Edinburgh-based FluteFling and Scots Music Group traditional flutes and whistles. We boldly returned to Hailes Castle in East Lothian, having endured a very wet trip last year and couldn’t have had better weather.

On these trips we like to play tunes from our common repertoire and enjoy the space and surroundings. These aren’t concerts and aren’t really sessions either, although they are informal.  As usual, we recorded the experience and I am hoping we will be able to share some of this year’s music too.

Just a small group this time round, not all of whom knew each other. Thanks to Alan Chan (flute), Vicky Pearson, Usui Miyoko and Pierre-Marie Costa (whistles) for helping to make it such a memorable day. Our previous trip was in December to Dalmeny Kirk and we look forward to other trips later in the year.

Photo of FluteFling Ensemble at Hailes Castle (c) Gordon Turnbull

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