Portobello Flute Group – new term, new venue

An exciting new arrangement between Portobello Fun Fiddle and the Portobello Flute Group sees the two traditional music ventures come together under the same roof this Autumn. As well as sharing tuition space, there will be opportunities to meet other musicians, share music and perform together. Thursday evenings will never be the same again!

There has been a small delay in getting back after the break as I have been hunting for a new venue. However, this has proved to be fortuitous, since Portobello Fun Fiddle have invited the group to share their space at St James Church, Portobello on Thursday evenings.

Fun Fiddle is run by Gica Loening and Jenny Gardner, both highly experienced fiddlers with a wide range of styles and repertoires. Together they have created a very successful music group with strong community links that fits in well with the Portobello Flute Group’s ethos.

While we would have a room of our own and could continue as before, there would also be an opportunity to meet the fiddlers both socially and musically.

The invitation has extended to sharing repertoire, joining in the end of term Stramash (an informal session with food and drink) and performing together at local events, which in the past has included Edinburgh’s Ceilidh Culture festival of traditional music.

Thursday evenings will never be the same again!

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