Flute class Autumn dates

Classes in traditional flute playing for beginners and more advanced players will recommence in late September in Portobello, Edinburgh for 10 weeks.

The classes are aimed at people interested in learning or developing their music on the wooden simple system flute, also known as the Irish flute.

Tin whistle and Boehm system (modern “classical” or orchestral flute) players are also welcome, as are those returning to the instrument after some time away from playing.

The classes take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and will focus on a combination of repertoire and technique, with an emphasis on learning by ear, supported by sheet music. The precise details will depend upon numbers and ability.

The classes will run on alternate Thursdays, but it may also be possible to run two classes on one evening. I am also looking into running a separate whistle class this year again, after a number of enquiries.

If you are interested, please get in touch: gordon[at]theflowmusic[dot]co[dot]uk


  • The classes will run on Thursdays 7.30-9.00
  • Price: £8 per class in advance.
  • Venue: St James Church, Portobello.

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  • 30 Sep Beg 1
  • 07 Oct Adv 1
  • 14 Oct Beg 2
  • 21 Oct (Break)
  • 28 Oct Adv 2
  • 04 Oct Beg 3
  • 11 Nov Adv 3
  • 18 Nov Beg 4
  • 25 Nov Adv 4
  • 02 Nov Beg 5
  • 09 Dec Adv 5 (plus all groups get together)

Individual lessons
I am happy to give individual lessons at £24ph with a discount for group members or a block booking. There may be an opportunity for the lessons to take place immediately before the group classes.

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