Update June 2018: taking a break

Taking a break

I am currently taking a break from creative music workshops for the first time in 10 years and have no current plans to resume in the foreseeable future. While this has decision was instigated by budget cuts in 2017, the need to reset my work-life balance has been overdue and I don’t think I would have taken the break otherwise. The last 12 months have helped me appreciate this.

It has been a very special journey and I have been fortunate to meet many amazing people who have inspired and helped me along the way. Teachers, musicians, visual artists, non-formal educators, storytellers, hospital staff, support workers and arts administrators — many undervalued, but all helping to enrich the lives of others.

This support has allowed and encouraged me to develop my ideas and approaches to working with and teaching music. Importantly, these ideas and approaches still remain and are used in the classrooms where I teach special needs children.

This isn’t the end, however. It is a hope that this new found time will allow me to develop new projects, whatever the setting.


My teaching of traditional flute and whistle is unaffected by this decision. The weekly classes have become monthly workshops that take place on Saturday afternoons throughout the year.

Meanwhile, FluteFling Scottish Flute Weekends is now in its 5th successful year. It has expanded to Aberdeen and other collaborations are in the pipeline.

For more details on these activities, please visit the FluteFling website.

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