Scots Music Group whistle classes 2011-12

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be tutoring the beginners’ tin whistle classes for the Scots Music Group from September.

The evening classes are suitable for complete beginners and will be taught on D whistles (whistles in the key of D). The first class is on Wednesday 7th September. Full details from the Scots Music Group web site.

The Scots Music Group is a charity with a strong ethos of community-building, using traditional music, song and dance to bring people together. Located in Edinburgh, they offer classes, sessions, ceilidhs, and other social events.

My classes in Portobello are not affected and will still be running again in September.

Photo of tin whistles by Daniel Fernandez, Wikipedia Commons.

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2 Responses to Scots Music Group whistle classes 2011-12

  1. caroline says:

    Can you suggest some sites/stores where I might be able to purchase tin whistles in various keys. I was watching Fred Morrison and he plays a larger,wider one than either my c or d whistles but I can’t determine what exactly it is? Thanks

    • Gordon says:

      Hi Caroline, I don’t know what kind of whistles Fred Morrison plays, but both Michael Burke whistles (which I play) and John Sindt whistles are popular amongst many whistlers looking for something else. You can find out much more by exploring this site: Burke whistles are here: Other sites include this:

      Beware that a wider bore means more breath required to play in tune and it will probably be louder than other whistles. If starting out, I would go for tone if possible.

      I keep thinking that maybe I should put up a post all about whistles.

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