SMG whistle: Laridé de Portobello

After the October break, the Scots Music Group beginner whistle class returned with a new tune, a Breton dance piece that has developed a life of its own.

As with most Breton tunes, it is untitled and just bears the dance type as a name: Laridé (or sometimes La Ridée). I first came across this tune either in the Encylopaedia Blowzabellica, a book of tunes from across Europe by English group Blowzabella, or quite possibly in a book of Breton tunes by their fiddler Dave Shepherd.

A two-part tune, I first played this in a short-lived Edinburgh band called Culra and suspect that we never played it at the correct tempo, opting for a slow and stately interpretation. However, we did discover that the two parts could be played simultaneously against each other and a third part was also developed.

More recently, I developed other parts to be played with my Fun Flute classes and Gica Loening from Fun Fiddle added another for beginner fiddlers when we teamed up for a Ceilidh Culture event in 2011. The result? A six part tune that can in theory be played as a round, with drones, harmonies and counter-melodies. The title? Laridé de Portobello. Of course.

The music is up at the SMG page at The Flow and please note that we are now moving away from whistle tablature. Let me know is this is a problem and I can assist. The recording at present has just the first three parts and is on the flute, but should still be useful.

We had a look at a simple harmony line for The Skye Boat Song. A PDF of the music can be found on the Fun Flute page of The Flow.

The PDF of Tha Mi Sgith that was previously uploaded contained errors, but has now been corrected. This does not affect the whistle tablature version.

I have also fixed some broken links on the SMG page at The Flow.

Photo of Cobbled street at Dinan, Brittany, France by William Warby, some rights reserved.


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