SMG Whistle: Valse de Galorn

Another Breton tune, this time Valse de Galorn, a waltz learned from In the Wind, a recording by Shegui, an English-Scots-Irish band with Edinburgh connections who were around in the 80s.

Their flute player was Londoner John Skelton, who also plays whistles and bombarde has a strong Breton repertoire and later went on to join The House Band, another band with strong Edinburgh connections. The recordings of both groups are worth checking out.

Once again, there is no title for this Breton tune, but as John Skelton learned it from a Breton band Galorn, it has become simply Valse de Galorn. This tune works well as a round, with the A and B parts played against each other. The resources can be found on The Flow.

Photo of Fest-Noz à Quintin, Brittany, by Marcovdz, some rights reserved.

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