SMG Whistle and Fun Flute updates

The SMG Beginners Whistle group are doing very well this year and have begun looking at some tunes covered not that long ago by the Fun Flute Improvers Flute group.

The tunes are The Lilting Banshee and The Mug of Brown Ale, to be covered this coming week. Both fairly well known traditional Irish jigs. Our version of The Lilting Banshee is one of many that exist and this one is sometimes known as The Killaloe Boat, named after a ferry crossing over the River Shannon at Killaloe, Co. Clare at the mouth of Lough Derg.

Resources for these tunes can be found on the SMG page at The Flow.

Improvers Fun Flute have been looking at strathspeys. In addition to The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday, we have now added The Ale is Dear, first as a strathspey and in the forthcoming class, as a reel.

Resources for these tunes are up on the Fun Flute page on The Flow

Photo: Bubble Infinity by On-Bogdan Dumitrescu, some rights reserved.

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2 Responses to SMG Whistle and Fun Flute updates

  1. Vicky Pearson says:

    Hi Gordon,

    Hope you’re well. Thanks very much for your encouraging comments, about the beginners’ whistle class making good progress. Also, I’m finding the Fun flute class interesting and fun, and sometimes it’s good to try and play using the music, and then take it away, and see how you get on. I should give that a try, just to see how much I can remember.
    Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the nice weather, today,after the horrible days of rain!

    See you at the class on Wednesday.

    All the best,


  2. Vicky Pearson says:

    Hi Gordon,
    Hope you’re well. Actually, I wanted to go to the session at Sandy Bell’s last night but felt too tired. Unfortunately, the last time, Cauldstane Slap played at the Captain’s Bar, I hardly had any money, (enough for food, and other stuff,) but because of problems with my benefit, I had to go and see my Mum in Blackhall, the next day, and she lent me some money to tide me over. So, sorry about that!
    Will try and listen to the ‘Midsummer flutes and whistles at Hailes Castle’ tracks, at an internet cafe`, where they have broadband! It should be great!
    All the best,


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