Flutes and whistles celebrate Midsummer at Hailes Castle

Fun Flute and Scots Music Group Beginner Whistle students performed traditional music last month in the striking setting of Hailes Castle in East Lothian.

The summer terms at Fun Flute and the Scots Music Group have now finished, but there remains one last piece of news to share before we all meet again in September. On a very wet Saturday in midsummer those of us who weren’t already away on our holidays met to play through favourite parts of our repertoire in an acoustically interesting setting.

The underlying ethos is about sharing our music with each other and not a performance in the conventional sense, so is very informal. The results can be heard on a recording that we made to celebrate and share our achievements.

Despite the exceptionally wet day, we packed a picnic, flasks of coffee and hot chocolate and were able to enjoy ourselves. My thanks to the students: Louisa Martin, Claire Thomas, Martin Lydon, Pierre-Marie Costa and Vicky Pearson.

These excursions have proved to be a great focal point for our playing. They are not advertised and so not public performances in a conventional sense, but passing members of the public are always welcome to listen in.

In December we visited Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh and we are already scouting out potential venues for an Autumn excursion. If anyone has any suggestions, we would be pleased to consider them.

Photo by Gordon Turnbull.

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