New class resources: Micho Russell’s Slide and I See Mull

The new term has now begun for the Scots Music Group whistlers and Flute Fling, although some of the Flute Fling Beginners will start this coming week. It was great to see everyone, new faces and returners alike and I am looking forward to working with you all.

I have uploaded resources for the first few classes for all of the classes. The SMG whistlers and Flute Fling Beginners will be looking at The Skye Boat Song, but also I See Mull, both in 3/4 and perhaps both rowing tunes. You can find the free notation and MP3s, complete with harmony lines on the reorganised teaching resources pages at The Flow, the sister site to this one. I have other resources dotted around that site, which is worth taking the time to explore.

Update: After consideration, I See Mull has the feel of a retreat march, much like Lochanside.

The Improvers class learned Micho Russell’s Slide as part of a set of three County Clare tunes in 12/8 time. Micho Russell was a distinctive whistler, fluter and singer from County Clare and there are some good resources on the internet and on Youtube, including a festival website that celebrates his life.

Brother Steve’s tin whistle pages also have recordings of Micho Russell and are well worth exploring.

The other tunes we will look at in this set are Scattery Island and Farewell to Lisseycasey, both recorded on Happy to Meet by flute and fiddle duo PJ Crotty and James Cullinan, with Carol Cullinan on piano. Resources for these are also already on The Flow.

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