Chorriechollie’s and the Folk Process

We’ve been learning Chorriechollie’s Farewell to the Northern Meeting at the SMG whistle classes. Or have we?

One of the students (thanks John!) did some research on the tune as he was already familiar with it and  learned that the title was incorrect. Chorriechoillie or Corriechoille was in fact welcomed to the Northern Meeting with this tune, the meeting in question being an important meeting of pipers at Inverness which continues today. So it should be known as Corriechoillie’s Welcome to the Northern Meeting.

We also now know that it was composed by Pipe Major Willie Ross, a very influential figure in the piping world in the 20th Century.

The folk process of passing tunes between musicians had led to some changes in some of the phrasing, but I have now corrected these and you can find the tune on the resources page.

Photo of PM Willie Ross from Pipetunes website.

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