Autumn mid-term roundup

Elderberries in October

I have taken the opportunity to catch up with some housekeeping for FluteFling and SMG whistle classes.

Firstly, the class resources page at The Flow has been tidied up and it should be much easier to find things. Basically, material for all current classes is at the top of the page and this is the part that will be updated as we cover more tunes.

Further down the page is where the archive material for the past couple of years can be found, including workshops I have taught at The Border Gaitherin’. The archive is not complete and while I have removed some duplicated links, I don’t anticipate this section changing. The archive should be useful not just as a supplement to the classes, but for the Stramashes and excursions when the different classes come together to play.

Secondly, I have added new term dates for Spring and Summer 2013. There will be 5 classes each for Beginners and Improvers, run on the current fortnightly basis, beginning on 10th January and 18th April. Details on the FluteFling page and in greater detail on the updated Diary page.

Finally, after the successful FluteFling afternoon workshop in March as part of Ceilidh Culture, I am aiming to run something similar and possibly longer as part of the successor festival next year. TRADFEST Edinburgh – Dùn Èideann will continue to be run as a city-wide series of events, but with a wider remit and slightly later in the year:
26th April to 6th May 2013. Details of the workshop are to be confirmed.

Photo of Elderberries in October, East Lothian (c) Gordon Turnbull

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