FluteFling and SMG whistle January classes

This week saw the new term commence with some lively new tunes and challenges.

The whistlers began with another 2/4 tune to add to the Scottish marches of the Autumn. This time we tackled a version of Egan’s Polka, also known as The Kerry Polka, a well-known Irish tune that is perhaps more usually played in D key than the G version that we played. The G version sits nicely in the lower octave and is a nice way to get back into the way of playing again after a break.

I mentioned a YouTube video that discusses some different models of tin whistles. There are several out there but here is Enda Seery’s take on those in his collection.

The FluteFling Improvers started with more of a challenge however as we embarked upon a pair of closely related Irish reels known as The Copperplates or The Copperplate Reels. Consisting of The New Copperplate in G and The Old Copperplate in Am, they are very popular in sessions around the world. It seems to me as if they have always been played together, perhaps because they are so closely related.

There is some suggestion that they may be related to an old Scottish reel called Caber Feidh (The Deer’s Antlers), which seems to be ther origin of quite a few other tunes such as The Wild Irishman.

As usual, the resources can be found on The Flow. The next FluteFling Improvers class will be on 31 January. I still haven’t got the Paypal button fixed but if you let me know that you are coming to a class we can sort things out in the day in the meantime.

I’ve also been having some problems with my computer so my apologies for the slight delay in getting this update out this week.

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