Another Scots march for the whistle: Greenwoodside

This weeks tune for the Scots Music Group is the Highland pipes march Greenwoodside. Like many, the melody is closely derived from a song, in this case Bonny Greenwoodside, also known as The Cruel Mother.

There are various lyrics, but they are rather bleak and perhaps fitting the plaintive feel of the B minor. There’s some discussion of the song on this web site and I’m sure more can be found on such an archetypal song.

B minor is a distinctive and relatively unusual key although not especially tricky on the flute or whistle. Watch out for the middle D and the C# transitions.

The march is fairly well known and I often play it after Cambell’s Farewell to Redcastle. I think Nigel Gatherer may have put that idea in my head.

The resources are as usual to be found on The Flow, where I have tidied things up a bit. I have also decided to make these tunes available on Soundcloud in order to aid sharing and streamline some of the processes.

Photo: Where the Fairies Live by Julia Julz. Some rights reserved.


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