FluteFling offers regular traditional flute and whistle classes in Portobello, Edinburgh. Led by Gordon Turnbull of The Flow traditional flute web site, classes are friendly, accessible and cater for all abilities.

For further details on these classes, including dates, prices and resources, please visit the FluteFling website.

Tunes are taught by ear in a friendly informal atmosphere, with written music also available, as well as recordings of the current term’s tunes. FluteFling encourages and supports playing together in a group, building up a shared repertoire and developing technique.

Classes have been running for over 15 years and are open to those playing Boehm system flute (modern classical) as well as simple system wooden flutes, whistles and low whistles most commonly associated with traditional and folk music.

FluteFling is a member of the Traditional Music Forum

Photo of Whistles CC by Gordon Wrigley.