I thoroughly enjoyed the experience to see how the progression was made over the 3 lessons and how successful the end result was. P4 Class Teacher

[The pupils] were all highly motivated by writing their own songs. We will be working on Guitar Hero next term and this will link well… Gordon Turnbull was super with the children. He allowed the children to take it in their own direction and his enthusiasm was transferred to them. Super session! P4/5/6/7 Class Teacher

Gave them an excellent opportunity to share skills and work together on a music theme. I found it a really good resource to call upon for the class to give them a chance to experience things they would not usually have a chance at. P5/6/7 Class Teacher

Positive team work and turn taking opportunities. The pupils really enjoyed the opportunity to work creatively in groups. Gordon kept the pupils really interested, motivated and engaged. They enjoyed performing and he had a really calm rapport with the pupils. P1/2/3 Class Teacher

Inspired us to set up similar activities at Music Area using a selection of stories/ poems. P1 Class Teacher

This was a good introduction to using the percussion instruments as this term we look at the instruments of the orchestra and begin to put percussion alongside our singing. P1 Class Teacher

Linking stories with other areas of the curriculum such as Drama/ Music etc. The children enjoyed the session with Mr. Turnbull. The sessions were simple, clear and fun and the class engaged with him and the story well — and looked forward to the next session! P1 Class Teacher

All pupils enjoyed the sessions and were engaged throughout. Gordon Turnbull was a very good tutor — helpful that he is also a teacher — that shone through! P1/2/3 Class Teacher

We all enjoyed drumming and the Surround Sound [Wild Music workshop] and you should come back. P6 pupil

It was cool to do… It helped me want to sing more. We loved it. P6/7 pupil, African music workshop.